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In the section with the graveyard, the second fight where you fight two maggots that roll around seems ridiculously tough compared to any other fight in the game so far (I'm probably 90% done), including boss fights. I'm assuming the basic way to fight them is using fire from the torch. I always found it clumsy to control which way I'm shooting from the bottle while also maneuvering and jumping around. Add to that the fact that the window in which they're vulnerable is RANDOMLY TIMED so you can't even be sure if you can get over them in time or if you'll just take more damage when they bounce. That AND they turn around sporadically which makes even avoiding them require waiting until you have a big berth. All in all I feel like I'm camping in an FPS staying on the same platform on the right side through the whole fight.

Of course it's possible it's better to throw hooks at them instead, when they're on the platform. While this shot is tricky to time (and again, the window is limited), the problem is the fire in the middle combined with how difficult they are to hurt otherwise makes you assume they might be immune to normal attacks. That and if you try to do this you're at the mercy of the other maggot not being in the way.

I must have hit one of them three times with the fire (hard to follow which is which, which makes it even worse). Basically anything is dead at that point. Why do they have so much health?