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Changelog for Update 1.04 (added 12 February 2018):

*improves general stability
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HypersomniacLive: Changelog for Update 1.04 (added 12 February 2018):

*improves general stability
Glad to hear it! Here are the full patch notes since v 1.04 - not every build gets put up on GOG as our beta-test team is all on Steam.

Version: 1.04 - February 10th
Fixed bug - music cache wasn't unloading properly
Replaced dialog Text object - to improve performance
Changed how textures are unloaded at end of scene
Changed elevator code to prevent glitching

Version: 1.03 - February 8th
Added controller mapping for German and French X-box controllers
Fixed bug - Carrying an item when going into "defensive" animation causes player to stay stuck in Carry-mode
Turned off WindSpell in final boss, cutscenes and flashbacks
Attempted to mitigate bug where TVs cause game to crash
Fixed bug: Mushroom baddies keep respawning higher and higher
Fixed bug: Volume level for video player 2
Inventory menu zooms in depending on resolution
Fixed crash at the end of Psaul's Dream Sequence

Version: 1.02 - February 7th
Fixed bug - defeat beevil with magic bottle - doors don't open
Send usage data disabled by default
Fixed code to mitigate crashing when changing tv channels
Fixed bug - crown not visible at night

Version: 1.01 - February 6th
Fixed various typos
Fixed bug - activating flashlight with shortcut key in narrow passages causes player to clip through solids
Fixed bug - hooks act twitchy in lower frame rates
Fixed bug - hook act twitchy in lower frame rates
Fixed bug - could collect falling specimen while hanging on hook or ledge leading to a softlock
Fixed bug - Kosthad laser looping sound wouldn't stop
Fixed bug- jumping on specimen that is on the water causes player to clip through water
Fixed bug in Tenerife Pyramid 2 - ceiling would disappear after finding secret area
Fixed code to mitigate crashing when changing tv channels
Cheers for posting the complete patch history up to v1.04, appreciated.
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Changelog for Update 1.05 (added 12 March 2018):

* In NewGame+ Chests with items you already have will contain coins.
* Changed the way TV functions to prevent crashing (also removed TV related achievement)
* Fixed various typos
* Added name to credits
* Changed underwater camera in treasure locations
* Fixed bug with King Boone on Jatko Island
* Chapter and Page text now pulled from Dialog file
* Lava pools in solfor prevent player from sequence breaking
* Adjusted platform sensor in Daunasal Rooftops
* Fixed bug - crawling when entering defensive mode caused player to run slow
* Fixed bug - down stabbing on cloud platforms
* Fixed bug - downstabbing when jumping into drill bot didn't turn off downstab mode
* Fixed bug - crystal cave barrel platforms get out of sync
* Lepidus NPC ? marker disappears after finding Treasure 11
* Updated menu description for Mushroom Cap Hat
* Add ? marker to Andrew NPCs
* Adjusted solid sensors in AngelOak tree to to prevent clipping when entering Hat Store secret area
* Added ring to Tenerife Temple 2 to prevent playing from getting stuck
* Enemy bees freeze during dialog
* Chests bounce of edge of screen to avoid missing them underwater
* Fixed diving/surfacing glitch on Kingstree Overworld
* Added dragonfly critters to Kignstree and Zwaan Overworlds
* Player is no longer frozen during sequence when getting Hook for the first time
* Fixed bug - Sprites not appearing at Grandpa Rondeau’s camp site