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I watched the opening twice.
Right when the game is supposed to let you play.
The game crashes.
So once I am allowed out of the boat Flashplayer flunks out and says it's not responding.
what could be wrong?
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I have also had the same problem. About to try compatibility mode.
Alright. Here's the solution: on 7, run as administrator. If that doesn't itself work, also run as admin under vista service pack 2. Works for me under these conditions.

Be well and happy gaming!
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I have had the same problem. If your using Windows 7 this should fix it. Type "Run programs made for previous versions of Windows" into the start menu search bar. After that its a simple matter of finding the program in the list, following some prompts, and saving the settings after a successful run. Best of luck and I hope this helps.
Worked for me after running under XP compatibility and administrator mode.