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Update 0.4 (15 June 2021)


- We have remade the input system in order to add controller support.
- We have added gamepad support.
- We have modified the control system to adapt it to gamepad and keyboard.
- We have added gamepad key assignments to the options section.
- We have added secondary key remapping.
- You can now rotate tables without losing the distribution of the objects contained on them.
- We have remade the UI design.
- We have added a way to save recipes as favorites.
- We have modified the artistic style of the tilemap in the tavern's interior.
- The majority of the objects in the interior of the tavern have been replaced.
- We have added an outline to the selected objects.
- We have improved the pixel perfect camera system.
- We have added the option to activate and deactivate vertical sync.
- We have added new fire effects for the fireplace.
- Now both doors and chests are fully animated when they open and close.
- We have replaced the stains, and they are now much more visible at a glance.
- Tavern vision has been removed.
- We have modified the spaces in the bar so that customers do not order anything in front of the beer taps.

Update 0.4.1 (17 June 2021)


- Due to popular demand, we have added Tavern Vision mode (Keybinding V) again.
- Also due to popular demand we have added an option to zoom the camera, only available for resolutions above 720p.
- We have fixed the position of the UI panels.
- We have made the UI size better for the 1600x900 resolution.
- We have increased the UI accessibility for the 1280x1024 resolution.
- A bug that made some tables stay empty has been fixed.
- A bug that caused a soft lock when reaching level 9 of reputation when the language selected was Chinese, Korean or Japanese has been fixed.
- Numerous bugs in the interface and navigation have been fixed.
- We have updated the input solution to the latest version.

Update 0.4.2 (25 June 2021)


- We've added a tooltip to beer taps in order to know what beer it is.
- Now, when the tavern is closed, players can send employees home.
- Now, the players money appears next to the clock.
- We've limited the maximum customers requesting a room at the same time to one.
- Now, time is paused when the player is in a menu.
- We've fixed a bug that caused players to not be able to clean the floor.
- We've fixed numerous minor bugs.

Update (28 June 2021)

- We have modified the key binding save system.
- We have solved a bug that didn't allow you to interact with objects when the mouse was over the action bar.
- Time will no longer stop in the room rental panel.

Update (29 June 2021)

- Now, actions that were done by holding a button down are started the instant you press the button.
- Camera damping has been reduced.
- Multiple minor bugs have been fixed.

Update (30 June 2021)

- We have fixed a bug that sometimes blocked the character from cleaning tables and the floor.
- We have solved an error that blocked the renting of rooms.
- We have fixed a bug that allowed the player to go to the top floor before reaching the reputation level needed to unlock it.
- We have improved controller navigation in the order delivery menu.

Update (15 July 2021)

- Now, when you play with a controller, you can add items rapidly by holding the button down.
- We've improved the positioning of the recipe book tooltip.
- We've added a tooltip with the next reward in the reputation level marker.
- Now customers will not ask for a room if there are none available.
- We've fixed a bug that caused the cellar door to open when the player exited it.
- Now the sounds of opening and closing doors only will be reproduced when the player sees the door.
- Now the player can no longer become stuck in a room when a guest closes the door.
- A bug that wouldn't allow you to place beds on the last tile of a room has been fixed.
- We've solved a bug that caused cleaning staff to leave dirty tables in the rooms.
Update 0.4.3 - Local Co-Op mode and new Crafters (Di., 10. August 2021)

Change Log
- We have added a local cooperative split screen mode.
- We have added system compatibility with Remote Play Together.
- We have upgraded the visual style of all crafting stations.
- We have added the sound to some crafters.
- We have improved the sound system.
- We have improved the object selection when using a gamepad.


Update (Mi., 11. August 2021)

Change Log
- We have increased the size of the cellar and the crafting room.
- Now, the favorite recipes of the player will be shown first in the recipe lists of crafting machines.


Update (Do., 26. August 2021)

Change Log
- We fixed a bug that didn't allow to place the oven in the cellar.
- The name of the save files has been modified in order to avoid save errors when the character name contains characters not allowed by Windows.
- We have increased the character limit in the player and tavern name.
- We have fixed a bug that showed an erroneous message in the popup that appears after completing the quest "Fermenting".
- Bar workers can now also be hired in cooperative mode.
- We have fixed a graphical error in the shadows of the tables.


Update 0.4.4 - New Exterior (Do., 14. Oktober 2021)

Change Log
- All exterior artwork has been redrawn.
- The exterior terrain of the Tavern has been expanded.
- The field area north of the Tavern has been removed.
- Crops and objects that were in the northern farm have been moved to the south of the tavern.
- Work zone system has been added.
- 3 work zones have been added: Smelting, Sawmill and Stone Workshop.
- We have added items that give crafting bonuses to the work areas.
- 8 new crafters have been added.
- New decorative items have been added.
- New crafting recipes have been added.
- 3 new tools have been added: hoe, pickaxe and axe.
- You can now cut trees with the axe.
- You can now mine seams and rocks with the pickaxe.
- Now you can cut tall grass with the sickle.
- Now you can till the field with the hoe.
- Now the forest, tall grass and lawns expand as the days go by.
- Now the grass can be removed or replanted with the shovel.
- The sickle can now harvest several crops at once.
- The recipe list now shows the items sorted by type instead of showing them sorted by crafter.
- We have added a new tab in the general panel that shows basic tavern stats.
- A customer satisfaction meter has been added. Satisfaction is obtained by giving fast and good service to customers.
- Now the tavern capacity is calculated by reputation level instead of number of seats.
- Satisfaction can increase or decrease the maximum capacity and selling prices.
- The price of workers has been increased by 50%.
- Chests are now only accessible to crafters who are in the same area or room.
- The capacity of small chests has been reduced.
- Dropped items of the same type now stack together if they are close enough.
- Many errors have been fixed.



- The cost of several crafting recipes has been reduced.
- The opening logo has been replaced.
- The digital clock is now displayed longer than the date.
- Localization has been updated.
- Fixed some minor bugs.


- We have fixed saving errors in the assignment of controls that caused control failures.
- We have fixed a bug that caused the mouse buttons not to work.
- We have fixed a bug that caused that the list of some crafters won't be updated and the list of the previous crafter will be shown.
- We have fixed a bug that allowed to rotate the work zones causing several errors.
- We have modified the collider sizes of the tavern door and the hallway to make sure it detects the player.
- We have fixed a bug that sometimes prevented to show the pause menu.


- We have fixed a bug that caused customers to order many more drinks than food.
- Now the torches light up correctly in the cellar.
- We have fixed a bug that caused the cat not to rest in its bed.
- We have fixed a bug that showed an incorrect sprite in the icon of the cat's bowl.
- We have fixed a bug that caused workers not to appear after going to sleep in two players mode.
- We have fixed the bonus that gives the stone block storehouse.


Update - Limited Time Halloween Event! (Mi., 27. Oktober 2021 - Fr., 5. November 2021)

Change Log
- We have added 15 new Halloween items. They will only be available for purchase until November 5th.
- We have added will-o'-wisps that roam the outside during the night, this will only be active during the Halloween event.
- A fog effect has been added at night, this will only be active during the Halloween event.
- We have fixed a bug that caused some gamepads to not be recognized in single-player mode when more than one controller was connected to the computer.
- The experience given for the order quests has been reduced.
- The technology points gain has been reduced by 20%.
- Now, customers who have not been served do not give reputation.
- The final sale price has been added in the modifiers panel.
- The price increase for adding additional ingredients to recipes has been adjusted.
- We have fixed a bug that caused the loss of modifiers in some liquors.
- Several translation errors have been corrected in several languages.


- We have fixed a bug in the Whiskey recipe that caused to make directly aged Whiskey.
- We have fixed a bug in the slots of the bar menu.
- Skill points have been limited to 99.
- Rune Stone particles now work. - Traditional Chinese Localization (Fr., 12. November 2021 - 17:39 CET)

Hello Innkeepers!

We've just released a new update that adds Traditional Chinese localization to the game! This update also fixes some font characters in the Turkish localization.

Additional Artist
Regarding the development, we've hired an additional artist to help keep the cadence of the updates, since we plan on adding a lot to the game soon.

The new artist is working on the Christmas event, while the main artist is working on replacing the character animations, which will arrive after Christmas.

The next major update, besides the new character animations, will also come alongside a much requested new feature which is free building of your tavern. This is essentially a way to edit the form and size of your tavern's rooms freely!
Have edited out the many bugfix lines, see full changelogs here

0.4.5 21th December 2021 (Christmas Event)
29 new Christmas items have been added.
A New candle system has been created.
Now candles will wear out over the days and need to be replaced.
Now candles of different types can be placed in candelabras and candleholders.
The tablecloth system has been added to the game. Tables can now be covered with tablecloths. New tablecloths will be added further along.
During the Christmas event, the scenery will be snowy.
Winter versions of many items have been added.
A snowfall effect has been added.
A new Christmas quest has been added. Complete it to get Christmas gifts.

0.4.5f 21th December 2021
Snow has been added to the ore veins.
Now you can move the Christmas tree when it has gifts.
Now, when you press a number on the keyboard with the mouse over an item, that item is moved to the slot of the action bar with the pressed number.

0.5.0 25th April 2022 (Construction Mode Update)
Construction Mode has been added.
You can now modify the layout of the tavern.
Floor and wall style can now be changed.
The upstairs rooms have been removed, when this version is loaded for the first time, the items that were placed in them will be delivered to the delivery chest.
A new bargaining mini-game has been added.
The rental rooms panel has been modified.
Now, the rooms for rent panel and the mini bargaining game do not pause the game in Coop mode.
The size of the bar has been increased.
The reputation required to level up in the first levels has been reduced.
You can now level up to level 19.
It is no longer possible to place wall objects behind the fireplace or the oven.
The mortar creation cost has been reduced. 27th April 2022
The pathfinding of NPCs has been improved. Now they don't stick to walls and have a more natural path choice.
Now, when entering Construction Mode, any dropped item will be sent to the delivery chest.
We have reduced the reputation penalty for inadequate temperature. 28th April 2022
We have modified the way the different types of floors are separated.
We have modified the way the upper parts of the doors are shown.
Now the floor of an occupied room is not shown in black when you are in the floor view of the Construction Mode. 29th April 2022
We have fixed a bug that caused the broom to clean spots in the rooms.
Now when the tavern is not open, the camera is always focused on the player. 3rd May 2022
The accessibility of the tutorial has been improved to avoid players getting lost in some steps.
Now unaged products cannot be added to the bar menu.

0.5.1 16th June 2022 (Character Update)
The visuals of all characters have been updated.
New animations have been added to all characters.
The visuals of the cat have been updated.
Five new cats to be chosen by the player have been added.
The sprites of the recipes that appear on the tables have been modified.
178 icons for food, ingredients, seeds and other items have been replaced.
Tables and benches have been increased in size due to the size of the new characters.
Horizontal tables now need a free side so that they can be cleaned.
Improved the cutting radius with the sickle. 17th June 2022
We have fixed a bug that blocked the player when another tool was selected while cleaning.
Now while performing an action, it is not possible to change tools or open the inventory.
The system of colliders of the doors has been modified. 22th June 2022
Now dropped items won't follow the player if the inventory is full and can't be picked up.
Now dropped items are placed in the inventory instead of in the action bar.
We have modified the sound priority of the music to avoid a bug where the music would turn on and off. 23th June 2022
You can now collect items in the aging barrels and aging racks without having to enter their menus. 28th June 2022
Several performance improvements have been made. In future updates we will continue improving it. 30th June 2022
We have made improvements in physics performance and memory management. Frames should now process 2 to 4ms faster.

0.5.2 29th September (World & Birds Update)
Two new exterior zones.
The area outside the tavern is larger.
The edges of the area outside the tavern have been decorated.
New NPC (Pet Seller).
New Dialogue System.
Parrots! They'll increase your tavern reputation if you train them.
Tile map overhaul. The terrain has been redrawn.
Crafting queues!
New UI.
Crops redrawn with the new graphic style.
18 new achievements.
Young trees are now removed with the spade.
Some crops can now be harvested without the sickle.
Some crops now occupy more than one tile.
A new main menu has been created.
The option to change language has been moved to the settings panel.
The game now recognizes the system language when starting the game for the first time.
We've added butterflies to the exterior zones.
Unity3d has been updated to the latest patch. 30th September 2022
The size of the vineyards has been adjusted, when you start this version for the first time, the planted vineyards will disappear and their seeds will be given to you so that you can plant them again. 20th October 2022 (Halloween Event)
A new NPC has been added.
19 new special Halloween items have been added.
14 new Halloween costumes for tavern customers have been added.
3 new recipes have been added.
3 new quests have been added.
Funeral mushrooms can now be collected in different areas of the world.
New Halloween skins for birds have been added.
Thai language has been added.
Dutch language has been added.
Lighting performance has been improved.
We have fixed a bug in the item prices that occurred when loading the game.
We have fixed a bug that was multiplying empty kegs when brewing beer.
My equipment bar has disappeared! I restarted the game a couple times but it's gone. Any suggestions?