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Game crashes in America 7th mission in the end of the month.
There were two cases: first - 30 June 1969, and other (after reinstaling the game and using another save) - 30 April 1967.
No mods, clear game. No issue with other missions in both campains.

Here the crash log:

mission load from C:/Users/admin/AppData/Roaming/Transport Fever/save/2.sav.lua
campaign usa, mission 07
res/textures/ui/models/station/airport/asset/signal_taxi_old.tga not in file cache!
res/textures/ui/models/station/airport/asset/signal_taxi_modern.tga not in file cache!
res/textures/ui/models/station/airport/asset/signal_runway_modern.tga not in file cache!
res/textures/ui/models/station/airport/asset/signal_runway_old.tga not in file cache!
res/textures/ui/construction/asset/rocket_ramp.tga not in file cache!
c:\build\transport_fever\gog\transport_fever_release\src\game\urbansim\industrydeveloper.cpp:132: void __cdecl IndustryDeveloper::Run(void): Assertion `!errorState.critical' failed.

What's the problem?...
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Same problem but date 25 april 2021.