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They're aiming for Q4 2019; Windows, Mac, Linux
Memory requirements have doubled from transport fever (8GB RAM, 2GB VRAM)

There'll be an Asia campaign to go along with the American and European campaigns; three landscape types - moderate, dry, and tropical - "modular" stations, and a map editor.

Only announced for steam at the moment, "Further sales channels will be announced at a later date." I'm pretty hopeful about it appearing here on gog as well, but just in case, here's the community wishlist entry to show support.
*happy dance* Even from their first two development videos it already looks like another significant step up. I'm already in love with the modular stations now that one can combine passenger with cargo, allow for express passthru tracks, and much more easily expand and configure them. :) With this a lot of redundancy from Train/Transport Fever can be easily be skipped now.
Traffic lights ^^ cool
Steam has TF on sale for $7.00 (80% off sale). I would rather have a no drm version, any thoughts on whether or not TF will go on sale here since they announced TF2?
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I sent Urban Games an email and asked if TpF2 was going to sell here at GoG and this was their reply:


We will disclose possible further sales channels soon.

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Tom Schrettl
Project Manager and Community Manager, Urban Games
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Release date has been set for 11th of December "on Steam and other platforms". I can't imagine it not coming to gog, but do wish they'd officially announce that already.
And there it is:
Pre-order: Transport Fever 2
Game: Transport Fever 2