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When can we expect with the Build 7753?

Since 25.02. there is this version on Steam and will change the growth of cities.

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The decision has been made and already available as an update! :)

The base_config.lua now includes a new option town growth exponent, the growth can be customized. The value 1.0 represents the original behavior almost restored (default is 0.89).

Since the algorithm is basically optimized and adapted (dynamic urban growth and better distribution) is to be expected with old savegames still with fluctuations. With the increased value but we could not detect any such massive reduction of more cities in various test at least as it has been described by some players.
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7753 IS the patch, from the here all the speeches. : D
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I tried the latest patch (7753) and it gave me the error:

Train Fever patch log
Update from version to

Incorrect version of: ...Train Fever\res\strings\sv\LC_MESSAGES\
perhaps the savegame with mods secure and install the full version?

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