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I'm stuck in the Mana Refinery - I cannot get the green barrier to drop to let me through. Apart from the Cooler everything's shut down - I've got 3 beams on the Cooler and it's at critical mass 100% shutdown mode. I've been in the 'secret' room and have all the scrolls. I've cleared the portal out.

There doesn't appear to be anything left to do, EXCEPT get that green barrier lowered.


I've managed to solve it myself !!!! I didn't realize I had to go to Faradas - I have spent hours messing about with the beams and I didn't have to - what an idiot. Next level now YAY!!!
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you don't have to aim the beams at the cooler, that opens a portal to a secret area. you have to aim 4 beams at the blue ball in the middle of the room