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Changelog for Update (added 22 November 2018):

Global warming is evidently becoming an issue and we still have only one planet. So we decided to take up a worthy initative – reduce heat emission and increase the lifespan of our planet, our CPUs and our GPUs – by reducing the load the game puts on them. It might seem laughable, but as the saying goes – drop, drop, drop … and you have an ocean!

Since we don’t really have a lot of bugs to fix anymore, we focused on optimizing everything we can – also as a learning how we can squeeze maximum from our game engine in our next project.

As a result:
* FPS increased even by up to 35% in certain areas
* Build size decreased from 18GB to 10.9GB (!!!)
* Loading times have decreased considerably.

If you are interested (I guess mostly fellow developers), we achieved that by:
* Adding an option to limit FPS between 30 and 265 in Settings
* Increasing the compression of textures
* Decreasing the range of shadows rendering
* Optimizing all music and SFX (compression)
* Optimizing what is being rendered and what’s not, if objects are outside of view area
* Turning off reflection probes in real-time
* Decreasing amount of memory allocated to raycast of particles
* Decreasing lightning in places where we use forward rendering
* Adding an option to turn on/turn off anti-aliasing in Settings

* Adding missing Days of Old 9 cinematic (damn, that is embarrassing that we lost this one along the way, especially since this is one of the best one we have)
* Fixed few translations and added few missing ones
* Fixed Quest Log in Ancient Machine quest
* Fixed bug when music sometimes did not resume playing after cinematics
* Fixed volume bar for cinematics (sometimes it stopped working)
* Removed unlimited teleporting option but added an option to teleport to the beginning of the floor at will (unlimited teleporting could potentially break two quests)
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Changelog for Update (added 06 December 2018):

Dear Players,This time only one but soo important update – you can now play Tower of Time fully in French. Big thanks to our translators, and long-time fans, Agnieszka Szymanska and Michaël Bouleau, for translating the whole game to French.

Chers joueurs,Cette fois une seule mise à jour, mais teeellement importante: vous pouvez désormais jouer à l’intégralité de Tower of Time en français. Un grand merci à nos traducteurs, et fans de longue date, Agnieszka Szymanski et Michaël Bouleau, pour avoir traduit le jeu complet en français.

The next patch will introduce NG++ that will allow you to skip the story parts and play all champions since the beginning. That will turn Tower of Time into fast-paced tactical RPG with interesting party building options.

If you feel that we deserve it – you can vote for us in IndieDB Best Indie Game of 2018. Voting takes only few seconds and no account is required:

That would help us a lot. Thanks!

La prochaine mise à jour introduira un mode NG++ qui permettra d’ignorer les parties histoire et de jouer tous les champions dès le début. Ce mode transformera Tower of Time en un RPG tactique au rythme effréné avec des
compositions d’équipe intéressantes.

Si vous pensez que nous le méritons, vous pouvez voter pour nous sur IndieDB Best Indie Game of 2018. Voter ne prend que quelques secondes et ne demande pas de créer un compte:

Cela nous aiderait énormément. Merci!

Hope you will enjoy playing Tower of Time. En espérant que vous aimerez jouer à Tower of Time

Event Horizon team

À bientôt!
Toute l’équipe de Event Horizon
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Changelog for Update (added 29 January 2019) was posted here.
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Changelog for Update (added 08 February 2019):

Hotfix 1

* 0 dps score is not sent to leaderboards (to confirm: Score and DPS Race is only measured in RPGlite and Permadeath game modes).
* Fixed crash when migrating broken save file (when this occured, game started with black screen only).
* Fixed invalid score value after lost battle.
* Leaving battle in Permadeath is equal to losing it. (Yes, sorry :)
* Fixed issue with not selectable enchant with higher tier when lower tier is not unlocked.
* Fixed enchant tier icon not updated when selected category without any valid enchant group.
* Retreat/Restart battle buttons disabled in Permadeath.
* Fixed (very rare) issue with teleporting party to a wrong location after unlocking Aeric.

* Decreased particle count on both Intro levels and 1st Floor (we overdid with the fog here and there).
* Small graphic adjustments on two Battlegrounds.
* Added new Permadeath skull icon, when champion dies in combat and cannot re-enter the tower.
* Small adjustment to the lightning for few skills, so they look more epic.

UI changes
* Added slider for heroes voices volume in settings, so you can turn them off completely.
* Added confirmation popup for links in menu which redirect to external browser (Discord and Leaderboard links).
* (Permadeath) Dead units can be selected in inventory window - so you can take their items and give to other champions.
* Added score change info to combat summary window - in the format SCORE XXX (+/- YYY). It shows your current score (XXX) and your score for the last battle (+/- YYY). You get positive points for the first three battles on each level and then small negative value for each next battle. Objective is to reach the end of the game with as little grind as possible.

If you experience frequent crashes, we implemented few things that should eliminate most causes. However, since we cannot reproduce them ourselves, we would need more feedback from you. Please let us know if stability have improved for those of you that experienced crashes.

Hotfix 2

* Fixed achievement I Don't Need Many
* Fixed issue with Tinhead spinning like crazy sometimes
* Fixed Taunt - it now interrupts drains
* Fixed issue with golem fight on intro level
* Fixed toggling heroes using a shortcut
* Greatly improved UI performance in both exploration and city
* Fixed issue where a player was shown that his enchant was unlocked while it was not
* Fixed issue where enchants weren't selectable if first level of an enchant was not attained
* Fixed issue where unit statistics panel's language didn't update when changing the language
* Fixed issue where text quality of item tier and the 1H/2H indication was not clear
* Fixed minor translation issues and added missing translations
* Improved performance on levels 9-11 of the Tower
* Fixed magic penetration calculation on enemies without resistance
* Improved game stability
* Slightly improved performance by changing cascaded shadows distribution
* Fixed issue with certain environmental 3D SFX sometimes loading incorrectly in 2D.
* Improved Training Dummy battlemap and added 2 Defense Towers to Training Dummies 80%, 100%, 120% and 150% resistances and higher (so you can check you AOE dps as well).
* Readjustment of hard and epic difficulty, since we got feedback that the game is too easy now - after we the changes to crafting (where you can craft a very selected gear) and some enemy scaling modification.
It again should be hard as nail on epic. Please let us know if it is. Thanks.

Thanks for playing Tower of Time. If you have some detailed feedback or just want to chat with us, please join our Discord channel (now there is a link directly in game in Settings).

Event Horizon Team
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Changelog for Update (added 04 March 2019)

Dear Players,

Based on the feedback we have received recently, after previous Patch with crafting changes, we have rebalanced the game in an attempt to make it equally challenging as before.

Changes were made to health scaling and defense stats of the enemies on higher difficulties, as well as selective changes to their damage and abilities, for certain enemies.

We hope it will make the game challenging again on hard and epic difficulty. Please be so kind and let us know.

We have also fixed some of the issues with Turkish language not displaying properly in certain UI elements.

Cheers, Event Horizon Team
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Changelog for Update (added 30 April 2019):

We are very happy to announce that as of now we also support Chinese language - both Traditional and Simplified.

We hope Chinese players can now enjoy the game fully.

We have also fixed a minor issue where items could sometimes disappear when they were picked up while in Crafting or Item Forge screen and Player switched to a different character at exactly the same moment.

Cheers, Event Horizon team.


我们非常高兴地向大家宣布,游戏现在已加入对中文的支持 - 包括简体中文和繁体中文。说句心里话,游戏的整个汉化过程非常不容易,不论是时间还是精力上我们都进行了大量的投入,因为整个游戏的文本内容已经超过了200,000字,我们也非常后悔未能在游戏发布之初就加入对中文的支持。不过正如 中国的那句古话,吃一堑长一智,在下一款游戏中我们保证不会犯下同样的错误。

非常感谢Maruko Translation Studio对本次汉化工作的大力支持。


祝大家游戏愉快, Event Horizon开发团队  


我們非常高興地向大家宣佈,遊戲現在已加入對中文的支持 - 包括簡體中文和繁體中文。說句心裡話,遊戲的整個漢化過程非常不容易,不論是時間還是精力上我們都進行了大量的投入,因為整個遊戲的文本內容已經超過了200,000字,我們也非常後悔未能在遊戲發佈之初就加入對中文的支持。不過正如 中國的那句古話,吃一塹長一智,在下一款遊戲中我們保證不會犯下同樣的錯誤。

非常感謝Maruko Translation Studio對本次漢化工作的大力支持。


祝大家遊戲愉快, Event Horizon開發團隊
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Update (21 Jan 2020)

Italian language added + Quality of life patch

We are very happy to announce that as of now we also support Italian language. We also introduced few quality of life improvements requested by you.

We hope Italian players can now enjoy the game fully.

BIG THANKS to Marcello 'Darth Vader' Brancaccio, Davide 'Metallo' Speca and Alfonso 'alfx' De Luca that helped us to localize the game to Italian. It was not a small effort, as the game has close to 200k words. They have done an excellent job!

Quality of Life improvements

With the recent surge of new players, we have also added few quality of life features that had been requested + few small fixes to some newly discovered bugs:
- Added Italian language
- Added option to highlight interactive items ( "H" key by default)
- Map marker visibility is now better
- Fixed icon in Crafting Panel that sometimes remained inactive (grey) when new type of item has been chosen
- Optimized few battlegrounds where enemy summons were especially frequent and which could cause crashes on PCs with low memory
- Movement paths in few places are now
- Fixed one dialogue where incorrect champion was speaking with a Mech
- Fixed one place where translation was missing on floor 3 in few languages

Event Horizon Team
- Optimized few battlegrounds where enemy summons were especially frequent
and which could cause crashes on PCs with low memory
Lol, 28Go RAM (8+16, +4 graphic) is low...
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Update (May 21, 2020)

Tower of Time Final Edition

We have done some final polishing work on Tower of Time and we consider it 'Final Edition' now.

Here is the content of the last patch:
- Fixed achievements on Linux -- now working properly
- Fixed few very small bugs -- e.g. effect of the fountains not visible immediately
- Rebalancing of the difficulty -- enemy units, items, skills, battle parameters as number of enemies, spawn frequency, frequency of skills used, etc..
- As a result there shouldn’t be any spikes in difficulty levels when moving between Tower levels. Still – when you outgrow current difficulty level (by building a real kick-ass party) – we highly recommend increasing difficulty during the game. You can do it anytime outside combat.
- Visual upgrade of some skills