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Hi all,

We've uploaded the latest Windows version of ToG, which is 1.27 and, as some of you may already know, added the Mac and Linux versions (both are at version 1.27 already) Please download the new Windows installer for the latest version or enjoy the Mac or Linux version of the game :)



Misc. bug fixes


Fixed Gaps in l6r4b4, l2r3b6, l3r6b1/l11r2b1, l10r2b2,
Fixed coll in l3r2b4, l3r2b3, gap in l6r4b2, artbug in l3r1b2, lx2, l3r2b1
Fixed art bug in l2r2b15, l2r4b7, l6r3b1
Added a prohibit check during the end cinematic to keep items from being used
Tuned post-hit invincibility state
Updated credits
Fixed vampiric item icon alpha
Fixed typo in story13
Fixed one more potential issue with the egg scrambler descending beneath floor?
Fixed goggles..uh...doing..uh..nothing duration. Nothing to see here, folks...move along.
Fixed spikes in l10_r01_b01, l10r2b1
Fixed broken immuninty to spike/enviro dmg now?
Fixed stupid lava issue in l3r1b2
Tuned recharge on bombot cannister
Fixed collosal special button icon
Fixed issues where you could get one-shot by a spikeball/bomb interpenetrating
Dialog selection now counts wins and uberwins as well as deaths when deciding to show tutorials or not.
Improved that weirdness that was causing mousers to insta-die
Investigated speed reset at Bullet Central..might have fixed some cases of it
Fixed issue with spawncamp spawning box extent check causing auto-kills on enemies
Fixed issue wtih using items and then picking up another item causing permanent effects from the first item.
Removed fix with using items and then picking up another item causing permanent effects from the first item, because it caused catastrophic unhappy bugs

Thanks and have a nice day :)
JudasIscariot: (..)
added the Mac and Linux versions
Very nice. Thanks a lot!
Has anyone tried out the Windows patch v1.27 yet?
Well I'd just installed ToG v1.27 and it completely wiped out my save. :( Here is a screenshot. Is there any way to fix this?