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Hi there,

just to provide you with a solution to a problem I encountered on non-Steam Linux versions of Tower of Guns:

If you see garbled lore (containing on a German OS something like "?DEU?") and cannot get past the score screen after "The Foyer", this is most likely a problem of Tower of Guns trying to retrieve text in your locale and failing to do so.

In this case, find the "" script of Tower of Guns. On my Ubuntu machine, it resides here:

'/opt/GOG Games/Tower of Guns/'

Now, add this line:

export LANG=en_US.utf8


execute_game "${bin32_name}" "${bin64_name}" "${bin_path32}" "${bin_path64}" "${lib_path32}" "${lib_path64}"

Problem solved. At least for me, I hope for you too.

PS: I started a thread on this issue over at the Tower of Guns forum, with more details.

PPS: Thanks to the GOG Linux staff for providing this solution!