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I didn't expect that I would love the humour in this game as much as I do, but I've got to say that the little stories are fantastic. I've successfully beaten the game as an exterminator, a Hibbit, not John Connor's mom and, just now, Wanda Maggoo the Octogenarian.

What made this last victory so sweet wasn't an 80 year-old lady toting a crazy-amped shotgun o' doom. It was an 80 year-old lady toting a crazy-amped shotgun o' doom with the Blue Shell, throwing it into the Gumball Machine and quite literally insta-gibbing the device from hell. After getting killed last run by unwittingly exchanging my Consolation Gun for a Motivator in Hugbot Alley this was a welcome change!

If anyone has an boss kill that they find to be particular amusing, a personal best or just interesting as hell please share it.
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Particularly satisfying: every Egg Scrambler kill.

Really hate that boss.
Yeah, Egg Scrambler is awful. You need a precise weapon that packs a punch. Once, I tried flying up to some ledge. I could kill the four node-thingies without getting hurt. However, no way to deal damage to the scrambler-man himself. :-(

Still, I really love quadruple-jumping around the game at insane velocities, wielding a shotgun shooting wicked fireballs of doom. Man, this game is insane. … In a good way.
I just wish I could get beyond level 3 without the "Too young to die" perk. <_<

I am bad, and I feel bad. :(
geminidomino: I just wish I could get beyond level 3 without the "Too young to die" perk. <_<

I am bad, and I feel bad. :(
I like the Luck perk. Boosts the drop rate for badges and such, so you can get buffed up pretty good early on.

I tend to take it slow instead of run-and-gun. The mid-room spawns seem to be controlled by your location (like a save point, only it causes new spawns instead) so I try to clear everyone out before rushing forward into another part of the room. Also, always keep moving - just not moving forward (see above). And take some time to find the secret areas since you can get more badges that way.

Speaking of secrets, Fire Force is a good perk because it lets you poke into the nooks and crannies of the Foundry without getting burnt up. There are a lot of secrets in the Foundry rooms...
I can get through most of the rooms OK, it's the bosses that rip my face off. Basically, any time Dr. Turret spawns on me, I just know it's time to abandon the run. :P
Oh, like me and the Egg Scrambler. : )

But try the Luck perk sometime, if it's available to you. Sometimes it'll have you just swimming in badges.
I've managed to uber-win with the luck perk, but I had to play on "Endless" mode - even with the perk, I didn't get enough power-ups to have a chance the first time I finished Sanctum.
The Egg Scrambler is the only mid-boss that gives me problems (unless I'm using a powerful weapon that damages the core quickly).
I haven't found a safe pattern yet to avoid all the spikey things.