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Since no one seems to have done a map or a guide for where to find all the health, stamina and weapon skill upgrade points in freeroam, I thought I would give that a shot. Of course the first problem is that the game doesn't provide a minimap, but that map shown during loading screens is actually pretty accurate to the actual gameworld. So, I've been cleaning up a screenshot of that and trying to map out where to find all this stuff as concisely as I can.

I thought I'd provide as a sample here the map of the harbor area and ask for feedback on what there is you think ought to be changed. One thing I will definitely include in the full map is numbers for how many pickups of each type there are in total.
Post edited January 01, 2018 by timotaka
What about other maps?.. I still miss 1 stupid stamina skill. Seeking like 3 days already.. :(
I also can't find last stamina skill, i looked at full area of the map and nothing found.