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Total Annihilation Commander Pack

Changelog for update GOG-10 (Mac) (added 08 February 2016):

- We've updated the Mac version of Total Annihilation: Commander Pack to be more compatible with Mac OS X 10.11 "El Capitan".
Considering GOG actually uses the 4.0 patch version (which is unofficial) for TA:Kingdoms instead of the official 3.1, what's the chance of using the latest for Total Annihilation as well? Which is 3.9.02...
And those I mention are really patchs, not MODs!

PS: the latest for TAK is actually 4.1 though
high rated
Total Annihilation: Commander Pack

Changelog for Update (added 18 October 2017):

- We've updated the Mac version of Total Annihilation: Commander Pack to be more compatible with Mac OS X 10.13 "High Sierra".
Mac version update is terrible;

1. The into video does not play on first run (due to being tested app being released version)

2. The graphic configuration "bug" means needing to change display settings just to play the game. (this is due to someone playing it during testing and saving their settings, simple fix change back to lowest res and save again no need for customers to fix it)

3. The PC version now includes all official DLC units the mac version does not include those.

4. When this new version was uploaded there was a patch to fix the WineSkin issue available if you compiled from source.

5. Menu options that add manual/EULA due to the game running in fullscreen it's a waste of time adding that feature.

6. TAE is still installed into the wrapper but no easy way to run that feature so why bother installing it into the wrapper to begin with.

7. This is the big one, why in the hell do you have TWO copies of "drive_c" the first one located directly inside the wrapper folder is not needed it should be a alias to the original you doubled the size for the download & install for no reason at all.

On a side note, you or someone wa able to add the nocd music ability and you even edited the totala.exe to show a message instead of the DirectX error that's shown on the Windows install, um if you or someone else was able to do the changes needed to enable music to play from MP# why not just remove the error message popup?
Would like to add a request to get the unofficial 3.9.02 patch for TA added to the mac version. It would make playing this gem so much better.

Thank you!