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Er ... I'm a couple floors into the Shadow Vault and noticed I had an uncompleted task from the fellow who speaks gobbledeygook outside it ... Gur or whatever. His first quest asks for an epic scale balteus (fancy name for a belt). And I can't find it anywhere on my inventory, including on the guy I transfer belts to in case another character might want them later.

So .... I think I sold it ... and therefore can't do any of his quests for the rest of the game, I guess. Guess it didn't look any different from anything else. Ugh.

Any solutions anyone can offer? I love this character and don't want to start her over or miss anything good.

I was thinking if someone had a savegame with the quest item on it that they could send me, maybe I could transfer that epic scale balteus over to my shared stash and fix things?

Any thoughts (yeah, I know I'm a dumbass) or help would be appreciated.
This question / problem has been solved by LaithArkhamimage
Abandoning his quest in your quest log should allow you to pick up Gar's next quest.
Ah mucho thanks!