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I wanted to ask if there is any update or mod existing or planned to add in the computer version the interface layout and gameplay of the XBLA version to use with a pad ?

I mean, i got torchlight from runic at its release (with drm), i got the XBLA version afterwards and i really prefered the game with a pad instead of keyboard and mouse. (and that is very unusual for me...)

So is there a way to change computer torchlight with same feature ?
I don't know of any mod that can add controller support.
I'm fairly certain they're not going to add official controller support, especially since they've said they won't be doing this for TL2.
If there's no official support, you could instead try using a program like Xpadder to map controls to a pad yourself. Not sure how hard that would be with Torchlight, though, given how mouse-dependent the controls are.
I already dissed up the pad maaping software idea, exactly for the reason you mention: the computer version is very mouse dependant for the controls

but the gameplay itself is not, deeply. Runic (or the developpers who adapted the torchlight game for XBLA) converted the UI layout and the controls to be pad compliant.

but such compatibility may only come from the developpers; i dont see how one can mod it all the way to such result...

it's a bit dissapointing. It was the first hack n slash which managed to do that and i felt it more comfortable than mouse, in fact :(

thank for the answers