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I didn't even know that Torchlight had a Linux version. I wish GOG would offer such options. And it runs smoother and faster than in Wine!
Post edited September 18, 2012 by shmerl
And their windows version works just fine with mods. I'm regretting purchasing a copy on GOG.
Post edited September 19, 2012 by Makeem95
GOG provided a patch for that as an extra download I think. But it fails to install under Wine. Good that Linux version is out. I bought it even though I have the GOG copy already. Just to support their Linux porting efforts.
I hoped to get a good native Mac version since the only way to get the Mac version until now was Team, so I had to run the Windows version in Wine. turns out there has been a bug since the launch that breaks certain mods; the Mac version is case sensitive whereas the Windows version isn't, so a mod that looks for "example.imageset" when the file is called "Example.imageset" will crash the game. The onlyworkaround is to go into the game's contetns, find, extract it, insert the missing files from the mod in there and then compress everything again. For some mods you might not even know that something is wrong until the game crashes during gameplay. In the end I went back to playing the Windows version in Wine again. I filed a bug report, but I doubt Runic will fix it after all these years.
There is a "no face" bug most people noticed on Linux. I hope there is a fix being worked on.
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