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Hello, so I am recently having a problem keeping Torchlight running for more than approximately 5 minutes of game-play, on Windows 7 (specs below). I experience a steep drop in fps until there is no movement on the screen, some of the models, like my character, as well as UI, like my inventory background, disappear too. I can wait 4minutes after it starts to slow down and the screen is still frozen, so I know the problem doesn't recover on its own. My only option is to open up task manager and end Torchlight (which Windows 7 officially recognizes as "not responding").

I am hoping some others may have some advice or experience dealing with this issue. It seemed to occur after I had uninstalled torchlight for a few years. Then I became frustrated after a few days this week of trying to play for longer periods of time I ran into this problem.

My specs are:

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
Manufacturer&Model: Dell Inspiron 5520 (laptop)
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3210M CPU @2.50GHz
RAM: 8.00GB (7.88GB usable)
System: 64-bit Operating System

So far I have reinstalled. Ran with Disabled "display scaling on high DPI settings" in compatibility mode XP sp2, with and without "Disabling desktop Composition"... and cannot seem to find any answers jumping out through a google search :(

Thanks for any feedback!
Out of video memory? Do you have Intel's integrated graphics? You may need to assign some more of your normal RAM for the GPU to use. That is done in the BIOS/UEFI settings on my computers but I do not have Dell.
OmniJose: Thanks for any feedback!
If it worked before, check what changed.

IF, and I really say IF (in capital and screaming ;) ) you updated your graphic card driver, try to downgrade again)

Check your logs for ANY updates and try to revert back to the prior state.

Most, not always, it is because of GPU driver updates, do disable them.

If it worked before, something changed, and as you use W7, I suspect GPU update.(no major update for W7 anymore ;) )

And not responding might be out of a gazillion reasons ;)
Okay Gents! I fixed my problem!

Goodaltgamer, you were right about it being a driver issue. Since I last played Torchlight I did "update" my drivers at the dell website based on my Manufacturer&Model. However I believe it was a mistake because I figured out that my driver version for my Intel Graphics 4000 was version 8.15.. from 2011....I can hardly believe it but that seemed like it must have been a downgrade...although idk because I was able to play Torchlight without problems 2 years ago. So I updated my driver for my Intel Graphics 4000 to driver version by downloading supposed version 15.33, from 2016, from the Intel site for Windows7 64bit.
I had to uninstall driver 8.15 (the older version) first then installed the newer version, just to be clear. But yes it was a driver issue and I was able to play 1.33hr of Torchlight before I decided to type this post and ensure you of my success.

Thankyou so much for your ideas! Not only did I fix my problem but also learned a little bit more about drivers and how to check my current driver version and such.
OmniJose: Okay Gents! I fixed my problem!

Goodaltgamer, you were right about it being a driver issue. snip

Good to hear that you found the right drivers and can enjoy again Torchlight ;)

Unfortunate updating drivers (nowadays) is a risky process. I do not know who is really doing QA/QM in those companies. Quality A/M seems to be none existent nowadays. And Yes I have seen it a few times, new driver breaking working stuff, hence my suggestion ;)

And just for the sake, best keep copies of those drivers on your HD, sometimes you might get a hard time trying to download them again.