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Hey all, trying to get mods to work (specifically for Torchlight 2, but both would be nice), went through all the posts here and more, but I can't seem to find the answer.

-I have the correct installer as far as I'm aware (I didn't get the game pre-2012 before the mod support patch was integrated).

-I checked the AppData folder -> Roaming, but no Runic Games etc exists. The posts that suggested this usually said they were on Windows 7, which I'm not... not sure if that matters.

-I ran the game both normally and "with mods". No mod folder was created in the AppData location.

-I sat weeping while huddled in the corner of my room, but no mod folder was created that I could tell.

Any ideas or advice would be most appreciated. Thanks!
Well I feel silly, it didn't occur to me to just do a search for the Runic Games folder in file explorer. Silly me.

Hopefully this helps anyone else who missed this easy solution like I did.