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1. I put 2 enchantments on a piece of armor. The description says it has 2 enchantments on it, but it shows only one of them. And the total description is shorter than those of many other pieces, so it's not a lack of space.

2. While adventuring somewhere in the Imperial Camp area, all of the tabs on the edges of the map (the tabs that open up the information panels) disappeared for no apparent reason. The Options menu had no means to show or hide them, so I had to resort to keyboard hot keys to access them. About 20 minutes later, they reappeared for no apparent reason.

Those are only minor glitches that do not interrupt advancing. So at level 49, I'm still enjoying the game. :-)

Update 2 days later:

1. I've realized that the "missing" enchantment is not a glitch. When 2 enchantments are the same type, they are combined, rather than shown separately. That was the case with the one I mentioned above.

2. As for the missing information panels, it's happened 2 more times while wandering the Imperial Camp map.

Since it might make a difference, I should note that I'm playing offline single-player. And my character is in the Mod folder. That's because I had earlier tried to install the mod "More Stash". It seemed to download & extract okay. But it had several folders to it, and I had no idea, what to do with them.

Eventually, I discovered that the Mods folder was not in my game folder, but in my User folder. So I put the extracted folders in that "mods" folder. Then I opened the game with the "Mods" button. I didn't know what I was looking for, but I did not find any mod listed there. So I created this character in order to see if the mod was working.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure what the mod was supposed to add, so I'm not sure what I'm looking for. Each chapter's town has a regular chest & a shared chest, both showing all the items I've put into them, but I think that would be the case even without the mod. So I don't think the mod is working, probably because I didn't do something right.

It would be nice if some place gave detailed instructions on how to install a mod in Torchlight 2. I searched the Internet for that info, but haven't found it anywhere yet. It was by accident that I even discovered that the Mods folder isn't even in the game folder but in the User folder instead. I've downloaded a couple dozen mods when I was still playing Neverwinter Nights, and they always went into the game's folder, so I wasn't expecting this odd thing with Torchlight 2.

Here's an image of what I had extracted from the "More Stash" downloaded mod, & where I pasted it:
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