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Playing T2, unmodded. In big fights such as Grom's arena battle, I'll periodically get dumped to the desktop similar to Alt-Tab or hitting the Windows key. The game is still running so odds are that I die before I can pop back in. I've disabled the Windows key just in case, and I know I'm not hitting Alt-Tab. Also made certain Aero Peek is turned off. After launching the game I close all other windows, but it's still doing it.

Seems to do it only in boss battles or big fights where there is a lot of stuff going on, but not every time. Game is otherwise running fine, no hiccups at all and it runs smoothly in those big battles. I can't seem to force it to happen with any weird mouse and keyboard combos - it just periodically happens on its own at the most inopportune times. Doesn't do it with any other titles, including T1.

Any ideas?
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Try turning down the graphics settings and see if that helps ameliorate the problem.
Windowed Fullscreen mode might be the fix. Been mostly stable so far. A couple times it has sort of flashed to the desktop and then came right back on its own.
You might want to search for "Ogre.log" in your "User\My Documents\My games\ Runic Games\ Torchlight II\" directory. For some reason, game keeps rapidly logging into this file during gameplay, sometimes 10-20+ times a second. Mark this file as "read-only" and you will see noticeable increase in performance (and perhaps no more alt-tab effect).