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/!\: This thread is not kept up-to-date anymore, please go to the following one to get the latest links and instructions, or for any kind of feedback on the scripts:
[./] Install the Torchlight games on Linux


Hello fellow Debian users, Ubuntu lovers and Mint freaks!

Here you’ll find a script allowing you to turn your .exe installer of Torchlight into a .deb package, allowing to install it through DPKG and remove it through any APT front-end (apt-get, aptitude, synaptic, etc.).

First thing first, here you can download the script:
GOG release
(lupdated on 2015-09-07)

I tried to make it as easy to use as possible:
1. Download the script, and put in a same directory the script and the GOG installer (setup_torchlight_2.0.0.12.exe);
2. Check the script dependencies. To run, this script needs the following packages to be installed on your system:
fakeroot, innoextract, icoutils (you can run the script without icoutils installed, but the menu entry will use the generic WINE icon instead of the game-specific one)
3. Open a terminal in the directory containing the script, then run the script via the following command:

sh ./
That’s it! The script will take a couple minutes to work its magic, and end by giving you the command to launch as root to install the freshly built .deb package.


advanced usage


Any return, be it a bug report, a suggestion, a request, a demand for clarification, an insult or a simple "thank you" is welcome in this thread. Demands for similar scripts for other GOG games should go via the chat or in the following thread:

I hope you’ll enjoy these scripts as much as I enjoy writing and tweaking them ;)
Have fun, and see you in the Orden Mines!


Here you go for more supported games!
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If you renamed your GOG installer, the script will not find it automatically, you’ll have to give it the path to the installer as an argument. This can allow you to run the script without the need to copy the installer around.
Here is an example:
sh ./ ~/Downloads/setup_torchlight_2.0.0.12.exe
You can set different options while running this script to define some of its behaviours. Here comes the list of these options, with the default option in bold characters.

By default, the script will check the installer integrity through md5sum before processing it. If you want to bypass this check for any reason, set this option to 'none' while launching the script:
sh ./ --checksum=none
By default, the final .deb package is built without compression to speed up the process. You can use gzip or xz compression by setting this option to the adequate value:
sh ./ --compression=xz
--prefix=/usr/local,any absolute path
By default, the .deb package will install the game data under /usr/local. If you want to install it under another path, you can by setting this option to the relevant path. Only an absolute path can be set this way.
sh ./ --prefix=/opt/torchlight
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the link to the script is dead now
Beast360: (…)
Sorry, I’m really late on this one ;)
The first post has been updated with a link to the current thread from where to download these scripts.
So, is it native or WINE port. How is that comparing to Humble Bundle's native release?

Edit: Never mind, it uses WINE;

"The game installed via these scripts will use WINE."
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