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After spending some hours collecting and creating mods I felt I needed to fully enjoy Torchlight II, I decided to create a compilation of them and upload them in case anyone wanted to use it.

I'm aware there are many "vanilla-like" mods out there, but I didn't really like any of them, or didn't like any of them enough. So, I ended up creating my own compilation, consisting of mods both my own and created by others.

Here's what I wanted:
-a bottomless dungeon, similar to Shadow Vault from the original Torchlight
-easily accessible respec options, both for skills and stats
-enchanter with gradually increasing disenchant chance, but no limit to the number of enchants (aka original Torchlight)
-increased death penalty (because there's virtually no punishment for dying in vanilla Torchlight II)
-slightly improved class balance (I think many will agree that the engineer is too strong, mainly due to forcefield, while berserkers and outlanders tend to be on the weaker side overall, though balance is a very subjective matter)

All of this, as well as some smaller extras, has been implemented in my mod compilation, but no drastic changes were made (such as new items added, new town(s), new monsters, etc). All the details can be found in the mod's description under the link below.

Additionally, since I tend to like playing games in my native language and it would bother me to see mod's content in English, while the rest of my game would be Polish, I translated all English text from included mods into Polish (wasn't much of it, actually). On the other hand, I didn't want to make this mod in Polish only. As such, it's available in two versions, Polish and English, both fully interchangeable and multiplayer-compatible with each other, so everyone can simply download the version they want.

Hope you enjoy. :)[en-pl].html
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