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I've been uploading replays from our ranked matches.

If you are having a hard time with pvp play, I suggest copying the tactics I use.

Tooth and Tail (Ranked) - BRUTAL Starved game + honey badger killcount
Here's probably the best video I got up so far. Reallly great Match between me and Flesh. Like this match was amazing. Me and Flesh have done alot of matches together, and I use the same tactics over and over alot against him. So this is someone who knows alot of the counters. I won a bit, then I started a losing streak against flesh since he found the counters, but since using turrets early (like in this game) on I've been able to start winning again (which is something another player in ranked taught me).

Tooth and Tail (Ranked) - Wolf Rush
And here's a more straightforward match, should show/tell you the build order in general and how things are supposed to go against most player lol.

My biggest advice is to realize what is worth trading if you choose to rush the enemy early-mid game. Trading a t1 unit for a a good trade. Trading two t1's for 1 at best an even trade. Trading 3 t1 units for a basic 60 food turret......not a good trade early on!
Alot of people, myself included, exhaust their economy on their rushes because of all the units they lose commiting vs the farmers (farmers shoot back). This is why the bunkering method of getting alllll ur farms up and defending with turrets is so great. Its simplified too, you can do it in almost every game regardless of the map you get. Especially since you can just sell the turrets at any time for fulll money back (asssuming undamaged), and they are built very quickly allowing you time to intercept any incoming rushes right before they happen (provided you scout properly). Its almost too powerful a method to use atm, I find it frustrating as welll to play against player who use it.....but like flesh shows you there's merit in properly scouting and simply doing your attack from any weak side of the turtle.

Honestly if you play against me or someone else who bunkers like I do, Delete all your army and just turtle with no defense (provided there is time to do so still....having an active army sitting there for too long may mean its too late). Get a second mill or t3 of your own to counter me early on. As long as I don't see that you have nothing to defend against me, u should be good. ALot of the time I get lazy on the scouting and just commit to complete turtle, since I need to respond to threats at my base asap and I wanna "seeee" if my enemy sees what im building in order to determine if/where I need more turrets/defense.

Otherwise ill likely sell my t3 wolf building and anything else, and build 3-4 dino warrens and rush you to death.

That's why I take 3 t1 units with me. Squirrels for defensive play. Dino's for offensive. And healers are just....op healers lol. If rushing with badger/wofl its always important to have some dino's in the mix to keep any stealth units/toads/badstuff away from focus targetting them. Like Sasha for example can be used to pinsipe the badger.....but the player has to get right infront of the badger to focus unit fire on it, having enough units in the way means they will likely die, at which point you can kite their army to death rather easily while they respawn.

I don't find t2 units useful enough, they require alot of micro and most die against two t1 units on their own, so I skip them entirely.
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