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Hey, I didn't have problem with this game back in the day, but if I was to re-purchase it, making it easier or more enjoyable would probably be a good idea as I don't have the patience I did 8 years ago. ;)

So any suggestions of (unofficial) patches or mods one would want to get for AOD?
Here is a good start point for the lastest official patch, a unofficial launcher and other ressources about Angel of Darkness :

It would be interesting to know what the BLU team has integrated into the GOG version itself, but I haven't finished downloading it yet ;)

Edit: Changed "Blue" to "BLU", because Team Fortress 2 & robots.
Post edited August 14, 2012 by Elnareen
Elnareen, I just wanted to thank you for that link. I just bought Tomb Raider - Angel of Darkness through GOG, and I was upset when the game was freezing on Windows 7. The "Windows 7 Multi Patch" corrected the issues with the game. (Though, sadly, using GOG's Configuration Utility reverts the Multi Patch's fixes.) Nevertheless, the game seems to be running perfectly now.