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Sorry for posting again about this topic but, I can’t read German nor Spanish. Here is yet an other topic about the translation of "To the Moon".

If you bought "To the Moon" from GOG, you can get the French, German or Spanish translation for free.

- Go to the official website: freebirdgames*
- Choose your translation language
- Download the 1-hour trial version
- Install it (don’t pick the same location as the GOG version if you already installed it)
- Retrieve the "To the Moon.rgssad" file from the installation folder
- Put it in the GOG version folder of To the Moon (keep the English one for safety)
- Uninstall the trial version

This doesn’t work for Chinese (中文) and Russian (Русский) versions. If anyone knows how to get the Chinese translation I would be vividly interested.

*I can’t post urls, just google freebirdgames…
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Hi boumbh,

thanks for the instructions! I would've never thought of using the demo files to change the language!

But onto you question: I fear that there isn't a Chinese tranlslation available yet. But as you can see on the Freebird Games Forum there are already plans to make one. But it looks like it's going to take some time until it's finished.

Don't know about the Russion version though...

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