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Game crash to desktop on launch, briefly flashes black screen then crash to desktop, with no pop-up error or log file.
Event Viewer Windows Appplication Log shows an ntdll.dll exception 0xc0000005

Windows 10 64-bit October 2018 update fresh-ish 2-week-old complete clean install, intel i5-8250u laptop with Geforce MX150 and Intel UHD 620 graphics, no codec packs installed. Also tried on a i5-4690 desktop with gtx 970.

I've tried:
- disabling & adding exceptions to antivirus
- editing the mkxp.conf to windowed mode
- Adding the exe to DEP exceptions
- running as administrator
- running in xp compatibility mode
- Nvidia gpu selected, integrated graphics selected
- copying rdss104e.dll from my steam copy of A Bird Story (which runs) to the game folder
- renaming rdss104e.dll to rdss102e.dll (note the GOG version of To The Moon doesn't have any dll, could be statically compiled into the exe?)

I have the steam version of A Bird Story, which runs fine.

I have the steam version of The Mirror Lied (free), which similarly crashes to desktop - but with that one if I run game.exe (legacy engine executable) with a renamed rdss104e.dll -> rdss102e.dll from A Bird Story, then it too runs fine.

No luck with To The Moon, maybe because the 102 dll is hardcoded into the exe?

Don't really want to buy again on steam on the off-chance that it works. I imagine I'm not the only user having this experience.
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spaldini: Game crash to desktop on launch, briefly flashes black screen then crash to desktop, with no pop-up error or log file.
All the same is here. :(

AMD Ryzen 2200G, Win 10 home, fresh install.

Same problem on my Win10 64bit Home (hungarian).
Can we get some help from suuport staff?
Thank You for all!

I'm having the same problem here. Click to run the game, the black flash, then back to the gog or game folder screen.
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I have Windows 7 64Bit but I had the same problem.

For me I found this solution:
Download from freebirdgames the file '' (DownloadMirror).

Copy from this file the RGSS104E.dll to your ToTheMoon-files.
Change your To the Moon.ini
from Library=RGSS102E.dll to Library=RGSS104E.dll
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Your solution doesn't work for me.
Does anyone found something?
Hey guys, in case the game still crashes, remember you can always create a Support ticket here, so our Tech guys can try and help you individually one by one. We will always do our best to try and help you get the game running. That's what we're here for after all! ;)
Great news it works for me now. Just did a fresh install from GOG Galaxy.

Can't see any release version number update, but I'm now on Windows 10 19H1 Windows Insider Slow ring.

Others having trouble on this thread try again.
I tried reinstalling it, verifying the game files, compatibility modes and still crash to desktop without any errors after one second of a black screen. Fortunately, I can run Linux as well, so I boot that up in order to play the game. It would be good to solve that issue for everyone using Windows, though.

EDIT: I've reached out to and let him know about the issues we're facing. I can play the game just fine under Linux, but this should be fixed for Windows users, especially since the game was on sale just recently.
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I am having this issue now. Tried reinstalling and when I click the play button on GOG Galaxy, a small black box pops up for a half a second and closes out. Any fix on this?