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Tikkia: 1.44 just came out, but it did not give me the patch notes.

Can anybody tell me what they are?
Please check your account again as the patch notes should be there already :)
ERISS: Nope, still 1.42.

Update 1.44 Changelog
26th July 2017
- Fixed Act 4 weapon users doing too much physical damage
- Fixed Onslaught to work as originally intended, using only the charging aura
- Doubled Onslaught and Hamstring base values accordingly
- Blade Honing now works with Axes
- Lethal Strike now works with Axes
- Reduced natural defenses of Dactylus in favor of Hero classification & better gear
- Reduced damage of Nightstalker shadow spells
- Brontes and Steropes now use Cyclops Club Slams
- Added effect to Cyclops Stomp
- Added effect to Euryale when she casts her healing spell
- Fixed missing trace on a PC spear attack
- Hephaestus' Molten Shield, Hand and Seal are now a set
- Increased DA reduction on Painweaver bow to 80%
- Fixed missing links in Act 4 staff loot tables
- Further reduced intelligence suffixes apearing on melee weapons
- Fixed Boar Snatcher and Sand Queen achievements not being awarded at times
- Added achievement for Shadowmaw
- Reduced Avatar of Thanatos requirement to 500.000 kills
- Fixed game start crash caused by video memory check
- Removed "forceSingleProcessor" function, disabling this for everyone
- Added it as "useSingleProcessor" mode instead (use only for troubleshooting)
- Unified language menus with all options in their target language
- Misc text fixes
The only thing I can think of that should fix that for you would be to refresh your account :)

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JudasIscariot: refresh your account :)
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ERISS: I clicked: " Nope, still 1.42. "
I mean the log, but the very patch 1.44 is here yes.
I was referring to the log as well :) Where are you seeing the log at 1.42?
Deinmaar: The changelog in your library view? That's correct for me
ERISS: Yes. I guess it's a GOG site bug for my language is French.

and the one you quoted in your previous post is 1.44 as well.
ERISS: Yes, I had to take it from another forum.
Thanks for the additional info and yeah, I definitely see what you mean now :) I'll pass it on to the right people :)