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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Changelog for patch 1.57 (added 05 June 2018):

- Fixed fog layers
- Fix looks of Dvergr helmet on female characters
- Fixed Fungoid Spore Charm shards already having the full effect
- Bone Crusher and Hand of Hephaestus now grant bonus armor in %
- Added new art for Track Suit set
- Added some new ambient animals
- Added or moved a few golden chests
- Tweaked selection of weapons offered by Act 1 vendors
- Active Scroll effects now properly appear in the buff bar
- Reduced the secret companion's damage output
- Reduced volume of Runic Mine explosions
- Some basic boss moves no longer require Energy
- Fixed freezing on bandit priest hero
- Tweaked sounds of Infernals
- Fixed demonic sounds left on Nerthus Ancients
- Fixed stun and death sounds on Alfr
- Expanded variety of Einherjar talk
- Reduced the time golems remain in their reflecting state
- Increased health of Wargs
- Tweaked Austri & Nar damage and sounds
- Restored Austri & Nar battle music
- Added Jotun guards to King Thrym
- Added some extra effects to Donar
- Various minor tweaks and fixes
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Copied from steam...

Titan Quest - Update 2.3
This is the first major update for TQ since the Atlantis release. We will keep watching feedback and react accordingly.
Please use our public bugtracker to report issues:

General stability fixes
Fixed garden colossus animations
Added missing leg armor textures
Fixed weapon projectiles
Removed loot drop from Sarcophagus (First Disciple)
Removed grey collision walls rendered visibly
Updated some textures and models
Fixed collision in Gaulos
Tweaked Atlas boat captain area
Added POI in Atlas cave
Added torches outside cave in Atlas
Tartarus music volume adjusted
Bugfix: quest counters are now cleared between game sessions
Side quest fixes: The lost wanderer, The Letter and Foraging quests had an issue where player characters that had completed the Ragnarök expansion didn't get correct quest log updates. This is now fixed but characters who have already started or completed these quest might have some residual effects of this issue. As of 2019-05-09 all player characters are backed up on the first game launch to \Users\#user#\Documents\My Games\Titan Quest Backup. Players who want to reset these quest could revert their characters, note that this will reset all progress since the backup was made though.
Satyr side quest proxy now spawns three enemies instead of one.
Fixed missing collision in Aetolion Polis
Blocked off alley in Gadir
Changed lights in Necropolis to nightlights
Fixed Floating Tartarus-portal in Gadir
Fixed hole in the wall in Passage of soul
Fixed so the player can't reach deep water in Coastal Asomata
Bugfix: fixed crash due to setting debug information on invalid indexbuffer for meshes

Changelog 2.4
Various stability fixes
Fixed fog of war not being displayed in Windows 7
Laptops with multiple graphic cards now better at selecting the best one
Added MSAA options for DX9, and FXAA for DX11
Added better error messages if hardware is not supported
Fixed cinematics in non-native resolutions
Cinematic volume is now correctly determined by Master Volume
Fixed loud sound when auto-sort combines lots of relics

Balance & gameplay
Tartarus reward chance now also depends on difficulty / loot quality
Fixed gold drops from Tartarus chests
Fixed Extra Relic suffix not appearing on items
Fixed low-level Aegipan Soldiers equipping too many MIs
Fixed Whirling Blades and Creeping Death Scroll functionality
Added proper cooldowns to new Scrolls
Ancestors received Ghost type and absorption/immunities, lowered HP in turn
Trimmed legendary chest loot tables in favor of more Atlantis items
Cut energy cost from Lasting Legacy
Tweaked Gadir merchant inventories
Fire Nova receives greater damage increases at high levels
Meteor Rain now does physical damage within a range, less burn
Changed Life Drain Cascade to fork to targets rather than arc
Fixed some new skills' sounds still being placeholders
Decreased health of Mosquitos, increased health of Lions
Balanced Giant's Tooth around giving Strength in %
Fixed DA being given as % on Freyja's torso armor
Increased Basilisk stun & confusion resistances
Potamoi mages may sometimes cast Spellbreaker
Tweaked names of chests/piles
Tweaked Tartarus' (boss) base level to reduce downscaling
Tartarus received 20% phys/pierce resistance
Adjusted damage values of new epic/legendary shields
Added missing stats to MI weapons

Artifact formulas now correctly highlight items present (or not) in the relic vault
Added Shift+RMB function to use relics while Stash is open

Fixed various texts, especially German translations
Tweaked some item names

Titan Quest - Update 2.5
Please use our public bugtracker to report issues:

Fixed toggle item pick up
Fixed so stash increase button is disabled when its full size
Fixed so rare items will show when using filter dual magical
Added tag for relic
Improved dx11 stability

Titan Quest - Update 2.5a
Please use our public bugtracker to report issues:

Tartarus arena chests now always drop gold
Tartarus arena chests now also drop potions
Tweaked Tartarus monster spawns
Added some bonus hero spawns to Tartarus
Fixed excessive MI drops on Coral and Hesperide Mages
Increased chance of Triton MI weapon skills activating
Redfist Daggers now grant Double Slash (instead of Dual Wield)
All Atlantis items now properly use Atlantis affix tables
Turned down frequency of "Tinkerer" afffix drops per item
Cut off T7 skill connectors in the base game (fix follows)
Increased XP rewards for large enemies
Increased population of Snakes & Vultures
Tweaked Cokcatrice colors
Tweaked Atlantis chest names
Fixed gray Siren textures
Fixed Harpy assets from Ragnarök
Fixed Primrose assets from Ragnarök
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Titan Quest - Update 2.6
Please use our public bugtracker to report issues:


Added new Quest to find Marinos in Rhodes.
Side quest fix: The quest giver now re-drops the letter if the player does not pick up the letter or loses it. Unfortunately, players who have already accepted or completed this quest will lose it from their quest journal.
Doubled Energy cost of Earthbind skill
Finesse trigger now always reduces life by 50%
Fixed Rune Field to have 12/16 maximum and ultimate levels
Reduced health of Dream Image
Tweaked Chromatic staff
Added bonus to unique chance when running Tartarus with low player numbers.
Fixed bug where claiming the Tartarus reward orb would not reset the kill counter on Epic and Legendary difficulties.
Fixed bug where the next arena in Tartarus sometimes would not load, halting progress completely.
Tartarus now also casts Soul Vortex, and Meteor/Fire skills over wider areas
Fixed toggle item pick up and added sort button to transfer
Player sounds for German, French and Russian are now correctly used
Fixed several collision and navmesh bugs
Minor tweaks to several enemies and enemy distribution
Several fixes to resolve graphical issues
Improved text readability in DX11
Stability fixes
Fixed some missing assets on epic & legendary Atlantis chests
Adjusted possible completion bonuses of Atlantis reics & charms
Ya beat me to it, was just about to post this! Kudos!
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Titan Quest - Update 2.7
Please use our public bugtracker to report issues:


Fixed several collision and nav. mesh issues
Fixed various crash bugs
Fixed playing Custom Maps, resource files can now be read correctly.
Fixed Tier 7 skill connections showing in the base game
Fixed some Atlantis uniques having a low drop chance
Fixed monster scaling when playing high level chars in Normal Tartarus
Boss and hero monster health now scale more strongly with number of players
Tartarus "No pets allowed" modifier: Pets are not forcibly removed when arena starts
Fixed incorrect duration bar display for certain buffs.
Pets that spawn from projectiles remember their behavior setting
Tweaked enemy spawns in the final area
Fixed delayed poison trap effects in Hades & Atlantis
Fixed missing properties on Hesperide MI armors
Fixed Poison Mayhem % at level 1 and progression at ultimate levels
Poison Mayhem fear duration changed to 1-2s
Added 0.7s cooldown to Lightning Dash (window for passive procs)
Added chance to freeze and do extra damage to Lightning Dash
Increased range of Sylvan Nymph arrows
Quest "A score to settle" is now assigned to Atlantis region. (It may disappear from the journal if already listed.)
Changed format of all enemy sounds to fix functions such as distance falloff
Several graphical fixes
Various minor tweaks and fixes
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Update 2.8 (25 July 2019)


Patch 2.8 is here and we have a lot of changes and fixes for you.
The game now uses a single launcher that lets you select to play Enhanced or Legacy. (skip by using command-line option /dx11 for Enhanced or /dx9 for Legacy)

Please use our public bugtracker to report issues:

- Fixed War Wind freezing for spear users without Atlantis
- Increased chance of unique items in Atlantis chests
- Added level requirements to Atlantis unique thrown weapons
- Reduced First Disciple pursuit distance
- Fixed Triton Witches not getting their MI staves
- Fixed requirements on Allfather and Freya torsos and greaves
- Tweaked pet equip that may become visible in MP
- Changed art on Mudman accessories
- Removed "ice shard" name from First Disciple rock hand grab
- Fixed Merfolk Fighters using their left hand
- Merfolk Fighters learned to use Shield Bash
- Fixed Serpentoid equipment on mages and mounted
- Added Unholy Beacons as a new enemy
- Fixed icon of Sigurd's Cloak skill
- Fixed augmented masteries on Gem of the Serpent Priest
- and Tartarian Armlets
- Fixed Lifedrain - Cascade not increasing damage at the ultimate level
- Removed screen shakes from water creature death effects
- Fixed low attribute requirements of thrown MI weapons
- Tweaked some unique item levels to improve drop distribution
- Upgraded resists of ghostly priests from 'undead' to 'ghost'.
- Tweaked size of xsq24 chest
- Minor fix to Core Dweller
- Reduced damage of Triton lightning rods
- Reduced number of spear users among Merfolk and Potamoi
- Tweaked PGB radius on level 16
- Reduced volume of Basilisk sounds
- Fixed Hades dropping relics from the next difficulty
- Fixed missing properties on Serpentscale Mail
- Fixed requirements and value of Enforcer's Bracers
- Centaur armor is now consistently "light" (no dex req) on all difficulties
- Windswept Packs are now consistently dex-based on all difficulties
- Deathwing helmets are now consistently dex-based on all difficulties
- Reduced excessive armor on normal Mummy MIs
- Gamma is now working in DX11
- Fixed crash related to volume options in GOG version of the game
- Fixed an issue where the main menu screen sometimes would remain black after starting the game with the Atlantis backdrop
- Fixed issues at startup that could lead to game crashes
- Fix crash when playing in a language with CJK characters
- The cinematic menu now picks correct language trailers if they do exist
- Fixed Persephone sometimes not being placed correctly while chained
- Fixed Hotbar keybinds symbols not corresponding to the bound button
- Holding down now works for skills in the hot slot bar
- Fixed bug where rapidly clicking a skill could give you more levels than intended
- Improved Meteor skill so it is more likely to hits the ground
- Improved the way the game responds to alt-tab
- Fixed bug where animations sometimes failed to trigger events/drops (e.g. Eye of Chaos)
- Libyan Satyr Camp textures now have lower saturation.
- Fixed Projectile model for several 1hRanged weapons
- Fix switched Bitmaps of Michanismos and Shark Spine bows
- Updated arts and textures on several items
- Updated art on The Fomorian and Grim Companion
- Added some random enemies to Tartarus boss arena.
- Fixed fog in Atlantis District 2
- Mollusk Turrets appear in Malta caves and Atlantis Wilderness/City
- Changed POI's in Necropolis
- Added day/night layer near Odysseus in Elysium
- Fixed some collision bugs
- Built new arena for Tartarus (Arena 15)
- Rebuilt pathing on Orient
- Fixed the bug where Atlantis NPC symbols are visible without the expansion.
- Added "device_gadirobelisk_01t" to necropolis/tombs
- Chests placement adjusted
- Tweaked torches and lights in Gylfis settlement
- Restored Mistletoe Shrine in Nerthus Sanctuary
- Fixes to the character getting stuck in Tartarus arenas
- Collision bug in Atlas mountains fixed.
- Experience potion effect can no longer be dispelled
- Reduced low-end damage of Arc Discharge
- Made pet bonus on Svalinn a direct effect

Hope you will continue to report any bugs and issues you may find so we can continue to improve the game.

Also, make sure that you keep on top of any news here -

And you can come to chat with other TQ fans and us on discord here -

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Running the game from GOG Galaxy 2 the game does not launches the enhanced/legacy menu
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Update 2.9


- Added support for Brazilian text localization
- Fixed issue where clicking noise was being spammed when holding down button
- Fixed various issues where the game failed to save because of file attributes
- Fixed an issue where the Create Artifact button was usable without the ingredients
- Fixed software cursor not showing in DX11
- Tartarus merchants refreshes inventory every cycle
- Fixed an issue with mouse scroll wheel and spell bar
- Updated version of THQ online library
- Mudmen trigger their AoE skill upon exploding
- Removed inconsistencies in starting armor prices
- Fixed Isenhelm ~ Einherjar Hero not dropping items
- Tweaked high-end scaling of Arc Discharge
- Reduced size of some UI fonts (cleaner look & language compatibility)
- Fixed triggered skills on Ichthian Spine, Staff of Njord, Kara's Stirrer and Fafnir's Teeth
- Fixed Insectoid damage bonus on Amber Herald
- Lowered Phalanx aggro generation at range
- Fixed mixed up models & bitmaps of unique Atlantis greaves

Please use our public bugtracker to report issues:
Hope you will continue to report any bugs and issues you may find so we can continue to improve the game.

Also, make sure that you keep on top of any news here -

And you can come to chat with other TQ fans and us on discord here -

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition + Atlantis + Ragnarök 2.9

Today installed. Game crashes constantly after 5 or ten minutes....Each time computer shuts down. What a mess!!!
endelric_5772: Titan Quest Anniversary Edition + Atlantis + Ragnarök 2.9

Today installed. Game crashes constantly after 5 or ten minutes....Each time computer shuts down. What a mess!!!
Thanks for warning. I'll keep playing the previous version.
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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition standalone installer, and those of all its DLC, updated: 2.9 ⇒ 2.9 Hotfix.
I installed version 2.9 and then applied the 2.9 hotfix for Titan Quest Anniversary Edition (without any addons) and now the game crashes as soon as I start it (TQ.exe). It didn't test version 2.9 without hotfix. It ran on version 2.8b.

Sorry, it was my fault. I deleted the file "Galaxy.dll" after reinstalling the 2.9 hotfix the game works without crashes.
Post edited February 10, 2020 by Bridgekeeper
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Update 2.9 - Hotfix 7th March 2020

- Fixed 'Network problems detected' error when computer name had unicode characters
- Fixed possible crash when joining LAN game
Anything known about the patch 2.10?
Miraland: Anything known about the patch 2.10?
Mainly controller support for PC's, but also some other stuff. There's a sticky on Steam with a bit more info in their TQ forum there. It's still in publicbeta testing atm so won't come to GOG until it fully releases.