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Hello players,

Have you found a bug or issue in the game? Do you have feedback or suggestions to provide? You can report them by sending an email to this address:

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Hello Reporters,

A new patch has just been deployed to improve your adventure:

• Fixed an autosave error in Tintin’s Nightmare chase which made it impossible to finish
• Fixed an error with the papyrus not being displayed after an autosave on MS Epomeo’s initial chase
• Fixed a block after resetting puzzles in the Tomb of Kih-Oskh
• Fixed disappearing hotspots on MS Epomeo’s main deck
• Added missing textures in Abudin’s barracks

Known bugs & Upcoming fixes
• Error with the water particles being displayed on the ship instead of on the water
• Minor additional bug fixes
• General polish & improvements

We wish you a great adventure along Tintin and Snowy!

Microids Team
Hello Reporters!

Thank you for your precious feedbacks, we just released a new patch available for Tintin Report - Cigars of the Pharaoh.

Patch 1.0.6 :

User Interface (UI) and Accessibility:

- Added UI indicators for the cat chase.
- Added Game Over indicators during various sequences.
- Added tutorials to various game sections.
- Improved UI by adding camera with text for investigations.
- Fixed issues where interaction prompts would not appear or were incorrect.
- Fixed an issue where the Load Game screen showed two Egypts.
- Added global UI indicator in the Cave section of the last chase.
- Added crossed eye UI to Sarcophagus in a specific scene.

Animation and Visual Effects (VFX):

- Improved quality of animations throughout the game.
- Added animations and expressions to Tintin in various sequences.
- Added VFX in several scenes, including the boat explosion and driving sections.
- Fixed issues with characters and objects not moving or animating correctly.
- Adjusted character levels of detail for optimization.
- Fixed general animation linking issues with objects.

Gameplay and Mechanics:

- Adjusted time and difficulty in various sequences (Jungle driving, Asylum escape, etc.).
- Added parachute Game Over and chase behaviors.
- Repositioned game elements (lever in Workshop, etc.) for better accessibility.
- Fixed issues with Tintin's movement and interaction (walking on water, vibrations, etc.).
- Adjusted AI behavior and reaction ranges.
- Fixed various gameplay blockers and crashes.

Audio-Visual and Cinematic Issues:

- Fixed issues where audio would play incorrectly or stop.
- Cinematic optimization for smoother transitions.
- Improved general atmosphere in specific scenes (thunderstorm in the Bungalow).
- Fixed synchronization issues with voice and subtitles.

Miscellaneous Fixes:

- Fixed issues with game freezing, random freezes during autosave, and micro-freezes.
- Improved lighting and visual aspects in various scenes.
- Adjusted hotspots and collectible ranges.
- Fixed general blur problems and other graphical issues.
- Added and fixed cutscenes and small cinematics for narrative enhancement.

Specific Bug Fixes:

- Fixed specific issues in various levels and sequences, like the military chase, Asylum escape, and Cruiser section.
- Adjusted and fixed issues with specific character interactions and animations.
Post edited December 23, 2023 by Microids_Team