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Timelapse runs pretty good on my Asus Transformer under Windows 10 but I do suffer from the broken photo gallery bug. advises you to use the printscreens button and take screenshots instead of the in game camera but that doesn't work very well. Timelapse will freeze if you alt-tab away so you'd have to take a screen shot, end the game, paste the screenshot into a paint program, save it to disc and then restart the game. And even then it's impossible to watch the screenshot while you are playing the game without crashing it.
But there is an easy solution to this problem if you have Dropbox installed and own a smartphone or tablet. First you open up Dropbox from the taskbar and click the little gear icon and choose preferences and then turn the notifications off in the 'General' tab (accidentally clicking those while you are in the game will cause it to crash plus they sometimes show up on the screenshot and obscure whatever it was you wanted to save) and then turn on the 'share screenshots via Dropbox' on the 'Import' tab (third tab).
Now you can take a screenshot in the game and watch it on your tablet or smartphone in the screenshots folder of Dropbox. Note: you may have to refresh in order to see the latest screenshots. This solution works like a charm and is a good way to replace the built in camera and photo album. It will also work with other adventure games!
I'm aware that this solution pretty much boils down to the same advice as that of (take screenshots) but without using Dropbox and a secondary screen that advice is pretty much useless.
Windows key +Print saves a screenshot in your images folder without the need to paste it into paint.
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johnfaber: Windows key +Print saves a screenshot in your images folder without the need to paste it into paint.
Well, I wasn't aware of that. But unfortunately you would still have to quit the game in order to be able to look at the screenshots in my images folder, since the game freezes whenever you alt+tab out of it. And I was looking for a solution that would enable me to look at the screenshots while playing the game, since I take screenshots that contain clues that I need to solve in game puzzles. Saving screenshots to my Dropbox means that I can look at them on my smart phone while still playing the game.
I can actually alt+tab out without a problem.l. Exactly how does it freeze? Maybe there's a way to resolve this.
EDIT: I just found out you can change the default screenshot save location by going to your images foldr, right-clicking and then Properties.
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