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I've been re-playing this game, that I remember fondly from my youth. I'm wondering if there is a way to see the statistics of a weapon? I've found some interesting ones near the beginning (Skull Splitter, Magic Staff, a katana etc.), but I am wondering if they are actually better than my current ones. I can't find any references in the manual to see stats, but maybe I'm missing something.
To answer my own question:

Apart from the game's manual, which lists the statistics for all common weapons. You can [Identify] items in the game's shops. It's a bit obvious in hindight :)

Here are some pictures of items you can find in the beginning of the game.
main_000.png (13 Kb)
main_001.png (12 Kb)
main_002.png (12 Kb)
main_003.png (13 Kb)
main_004.png (12 Kb)