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I came across this by complete accident: while watching one of lightslayer81's runs of Thunderscape on YouTube, I saw that the site had identified two of the tracks in the video as "Citadel - Choir & Orchestra,Pt.1" and "Push - Choir & Orchestra,Pt.1" from the album "Voices Of Destiny" composed by Amusicom, so I did some searching and found a playlist of the album on YouTube. The last 9 tracks are highly-quality remasters/variants of two pieces of music used in Thunderscape - one of the battle tracks and one of the tracks played in Vanguard Keep - and the intro/menu music of Entomorph.

Perhaps quite as fascinating is Amusicom - this is a music library that was set up by Danny Pelfrey, one of the two composers for Thunderscape and Entomorph. Amusicom has apparently provided music for several famous TV channels.

It's good to see that at least one of this game's composers is still getting around the industry.
Post edited November 25, 2019 by Androgeos