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Hello !

The game systematically crashes when the mother gets out of the water (level 2/chapter 1).
She walks a little, then she is stuck, the game stops responding and I have to stop the game.

I have just bought and installed the game.

Is there a patch ? It is unplayable this way.
I have tried to limit the graphical performance but it does not change anything.

Impossible to go forward... I am stuck


Hello again !

after uninstalling and reinstalling the game, the problem seems to disappear…

Strange ! What happened ?

Then, no problem…

I have found how to change the definition keys… You need to launch the game through the "config" option in the galaxy menus…
The problem is that, then, you always have to use the "config" option to get your own keys - not easy - but it works...


Hello again and again !

no the issue is still there…
I load the chapter 1 from the menu and the issue is there again… each time…
I should not have left the chapter 1...

It is a headache…

What can I do ?

A patch please...

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