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Changelog for Update 12 / GOG-3 (Windows) (added 09 November 2016):

- Performance improvements
- Resolution no longer resets after loading
- Added more details graphics settings
- Fixed skybox on resolutions other than 16:9
- Small gameplay tweaks
- Improved encounters with enemies
- Language fixes
- Mouse cursor no longer shows up during the game
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Changelog for patch 1.2 / (Windows) (added 25 September 2017):

- As a thank you for your continued support, we have decided to introduce a huge update: completely new voiceovers for the main character!
- We went back and re-recorded every line of the mother's dialogue with a new voice actress Malin Pettersen, whose voice is much closer to the original trailer. We hope you enjoy the new audio! Let us know in the forums what you think! Please note that only English audio has been updated, we kept the original Norwegian voices.
- Also, the game's engine has been updated from Unity 5.4 to 5.6, which is also partially the cause of the download size. You should see some slight performance increase as well.
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