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high rated
Changelog for Update 1.03.6 (03 March 2020):

- Support Widescreen resolutions (21:9)
- Prevent the game to start in unsupported resolutions.
- Graphical and layout improvements of many scenes
- Drag & Drop: the mouse cursor sometimes didn’t reappear after dropping elements
- Epilogue: the last part of the epilogue is now also shown after the outro
- Member Events: fixed bugs with several conditions and follow ups
- Newspapers: replaced the German chapter newspapers from 1936 on with -underground or smuggled foreign newspapers or flyers dropped by the allied forces - it is now more understandable that the weekly news are not Nazi propaganda or displayed in Nazi-Germany
- Disruptions: enforcing now increases the chance of all outcomes except fail, instead of only increasing the chance to be seen
- Disruptions: fixed bug which generally doubled the chance to be seen instead of other outcomes
- Epilogue: Fixed an issue where the epilogue for characters could include historical inaccuracies
- Added new Character parts
- Testimony missions aren't limited to three weeks anymore
- Heat reducing missions grant less morale
- Resistance Mode: normal contacts, buying regular items, collecting money and regular gain supporter missions grant less morale
- All Modes: free partner and free member missions grant less morale
- Districts: fixed issue with persisting thread levels between chapters
- Epilogues: fixed several issues in German and English texts
- Books: ‘Smuggle Books’ grants more books, ‘Distribute Books’ needs less
- Build Fire Device: now only needs two gasoline tanks
- Replaced & added new location pictures

Standalone installers updated (1.01.3 ⇒ 1.03.6): 04 & 05 March 2020.
Today for some reason I received a ~300MB update. Also it seems there should be some version 1.04 already out. I am confused.