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Even after the latest update that lowered the game’s FPS (per changelog), the game is constantly running above 70% CPU usage. This happens even on main menu, or when it is my turn and there are no animations going on + no mouse movement.

To me, it makes no sense from a programming standpoint that on turn 1, a lo-fi game such as this and with nothing going on on-screen (and no AI thinking), the game would require 70% of my CPU - unless something funky is going on in the background.

Of course, the side effects are notebook running super hot, battery draining like lighting, fans buzzing, etc.

Again, the issue is that the CPU load does not match the game or what is going on. I cannot fathom another issue other than something weird going on in the background (game constantly redrawing, AI brain calculating endlessly, a mix of the two?).

Help from fellow Mac players or devs would be much appreciated - of course the game itself is brilliant but I would enjoy playing it AND having my notebook not become a toaster. Thanks!
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