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Patch 2.2.1 (12 October 2019)

- Minor tweaks and improvements.
- Lower graphics options for low-end mobile devices.

Patch 2.3.3 (26 November 2019)

- UI scaling improved on widescreen mobile devices
- Nobel prize and Olympic games canceled after the player resignation
- fixed taking a wonder in hand over the hand limit in the Kidnappers challenge
- new dialogue window for building wonders with an empty token bank
- Colosseum works properly with Age A events
- minor fixes and improvements in localizations
- other minor fixes and improvements
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Patch Notes 2.3.4 (27 November 2019)
- Colosseum no longer grants culture bonus randomly for any kind of technologies
- Fixed lazy behavior of Sloth in the World of Wonders challenge
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Patch Notes 2.4.1 (12 December 2019)
- Gutenberg no longer allows playing yellow cards for 0 actions
- improved visibility of wonders on widescreen devices
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Patch Notes 2.5.1 (24 February 2020)
- macOS Catalina support (64-bit)
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Patch 2.5.5 (22 April 2020)

- Chinese and Korean localization of the expansion
- Tournaments button
- Other minor bug fixes

Offline Installer is currently Version 2.5.6 (no changelog).
Does anyone happen to have the changelog for 2.5.8? GOG showed the changelog for 2.5.6, but doesn't show anything for today's update (they should have an automatic QA check that every update includes a changelog).
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Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated (2.5.6 ⇒ 2.5.8): 08 May 2020; no changelog.
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