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I like Thronebreaker, really, but even on the third difficulty it is a walk in the park. I'm really not a Gwent Pro but i ask myself how easy the game would be if you play it on the second or even the third difficulty?

Or is this a bug (like in other games) and the third should be the first difficulty?

Other opinions and experiences welcome.

I'm close to finish act 4 and I have the same feeling, on the third difficulty it's been a walk.

I'm loving the story, the decisions and the atmosphere but the combats are really easy, I use to pass when I still have some cards in hand because I always end with more than 100 advantage.

The only thing that saves the combats are the puzzles, I'm enjoying them a lot, they use to be very funny!

Now I have nerfed myself and I'm playing with some limitations:
- One good thropy (but not the best)
- Regular trinkets
- Only 4 gold units (Without the OP combo of Rayla)
- Max 2 copies of bronce cards

It gives me less power, a little extra challenge and more fun, but still it feels easy so I will probably remove the thropy and trinkets and will change some units to other less powerful.
Yeah, I agree and I'm no gwent master.

I'm winning stangard battles like 187-8 on the last round. Havent even been within 50 in a long time.

Any word of a patch to buff the enemy?