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Hey, so I'm interested in Thronebreaker but I haven't actually played Witcher 3 yet (my computer is old and crappy, sorry). I've played the first two though - can anyone tell me if I play Thronebreaker, will it spoil Witcher 3's story for me? Only mildly spoil? Extremely spoil? I am planning on playing Witcher 3 when I eventually upgrade to a new computer, so if so I don't mind putting off Thronebreaker until then as well. Thanks.
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Don't think so. It's before the first Witcher game I believe, in parallel to the events of some of the books. Familiar characters are present, but it's very far off.
And yeah, Witcher 3 is worth getting a PC for... =)
Based on the characters I've seen so far the story takes place even before the first Witcher game.