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I first encountered this vs the Nilfgaard Foragers in the Lyria map (first map).

It seemed that when the computer started thinking, the game started to stutter graphically. The mouse was smooth and so was the audio.

Has anyone else experienced this?
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Hi there! Yes last night on my PS4Pro. I then went online to watch the same battles online to see if other people were having the same stuttering on enemy AI turns.

What i found in one vid (that didnt have the stuttering) was that the premium card animation settings were set to show those animations only on hovering on that card (one of the card settings in options).

I switched from always show the animations to just when you hover and on those first niflgard battles now no AI stuttering! See if switching that option of the premium card animation to fully off or just when you hover over the card resolves the issue for you...
me2, after some battles my last crashed (in aedirn against scoiatel-leader). second crash and sure! only if i'm winning. with updated drivers no more crash but stutter again
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Yes got same problem. Game trying hard to figure out what to do next, taking more than one minute while using a lot of cpu...