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I have just completed the fourth map and have lost count of the number of shrines I have visited but I'm pretty sure i have visited at least 10 across all of them yet it dosen't seem to be triggering for me? Has anyone else gotten the achievement? If so, at which point(eg map) of the game did you get it? Does it only trigger on completion of the entire campaign?

What I'm worried now is that I might have screwed things up for myself by restarting the game. On my first playthrough, I had the golden chests counter bug and decided to restart the game halfway through. Did that break the tracking of the number of shrines I have visited?
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I got the shrine achievement. I think I got it somewhere in Mahakam, and I haven't finished the game yet, so the achievement is definitely supposed to pop up whenever you hit the tenth shrine.

I think the achievements might be a little glitchy though. I've purchased all of the upgrades at camp, and I won a battle with a score over 300 several times, but I didn't get either achievement yet.