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Hi all, I will admit I have no familiarity with the Gwent multiplyer game (or really card games in general) but the normal difficulty setting seems insanely difficult. Is this game just tough on normal or am I doing something wrong? I can't seem to complete any of the optional battles, except for the drowner fight and even that took me about 5 attempts. Maybe I'm supposed to be ignoring the optional stuff and coming back later with a better deck but my OCD won't let me do that 0.o

Sometimes the AI will play a card and then I just see half a dozen arrows flying around the screen damaging my units, and I really have no idea what transpired most of the time. I wish there was a combat log of sorts to help figure out what happened. All I can see is which cards were played in which order, but that's not really the full picture...

Anyways, not sure if I should just drop it down to easy or what but for some reason this game seems insanely difficult - harder than Dark Souls :P

Am I alone here??

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Weird. I played this game on medium difficulty and I'm not good in card games and I didn't have much problem. Last battle was challenging and few puzzles were hard to figure out, but besides that the game was pretty easy