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I love Gwent. I love the Witcher, been playing them both for ages.

Me and my flatmate are both playing Thronebreaker. He like the puzzles, I really really don't.

I'll happily play Gwent for ages, but the puzzles are a different part of my brain. It's like trying to solve a maths problem, and I'm playing this game for fun, and the story.

I've read thried saying the game is too easy, but I don't see that at all. If anything, I feel stupid that I can't solve the puzzles, I'm just not wired that way, and it's leading to frustration and quitting the game.

FYI, I'm doing my end of year accounts as a freelancer, and having an easier time with spreadsheets.

Canwe have an option to just bypass the puzzles, or play as a simple points for points match? Please?

I see there's a story mode 'Adventurer'. I'll give that a shot.