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in hardest difficulty game in chapter 2 and + becomes too easy. (i m at the end of chapt. 2 and it is impossible to lose usual battles now). (Black rayla is TOO overpovered, Eyck too, combo rayla + xavier too)

enemies maybe need more points. their decks are really too weak compare to player's.

gold and wood economy works well, but not helmets stuff. at the end of chapt. 2 i have 220+ helmets, and i crafted all cards i need. too much of them. reduce pls, and reduce their amount really hard, because losing helmets in changes is not a tragedy at all, spoils some impression on chooses.

and pls faster, i want complete game with some challenge not only in puzzles =)
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I really like the game, but difficulty is really way too easy. I am playing on hardest difficulty and win my battles rarely with less than 100+ margin.