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I wonder, why are thoughts behind design palisades and gates? Gate gives +2 power and +2 armor each turn to a random ally, but in return it blocks the whole one row limiting opponent to only 9 cards in the whole battle which is enormous downside for them, so it's better to leave it alive, rather then destroying it.

It's like there is a missing feature.
Post edited October 26, 2018 by Aver
An issue to be sure, but since AI exclusively plays budget decks it's not a major one at all.

The way the game is now I wish there was an auto-play feature since whichever cards I play I am assured to win, rowstacking AI or not.
Post edited October 26, 2018 by freeelancer
The matches/puzzles were originally designed with three rows on each side - where this wouldn't have been such a balance issue - and reworked shortly before release. You wouldn't want to give up distinctive siege battles for thematic - and story - reasons, but apparently wih this type of fight they couldn't quite make the reworking ... work. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, though.