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So like some others I waited to get the STeam version. Then about 1 minute after I insta bought Thronebreaker on Steam I see a link to the tweet about the Steam version having no in game Gwent cards to earn. There is no disclaimer saying Gwent cards are not able to be earned on the Steam store page. I have recently been playing a lot of Gwent so being able to get these cards is important to me. I am now seeing a lot of complaints from buyers on both sides of the aisle. How about GoG just goes both ways with keys? Buy on GoG get a Steam key. Buy it on Steam get a GoG key. I definitely won't buy the game twice and I don't think many people will either. If I have to I will just refund my Steam copy and buy it here. Going to wait a few days and see what happens first.
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In-game assets are GOG.COM only as advertised:

"GWENT in-game assets – 2 player avatars, 2 player titles, 5 premium kegs, 20 brand new cards for GWENT (GOG.COM only)"
Well I solved it myself. I just refunded the Steam version and will buy it here. Like many die hard Steam players I prefer having as many of my games in one place on Steam but I will make exceptions for games that are exclusives or, like in this situation, have exclusive content I really want. As a Gwent player it only makes sense to buy it here.
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