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1. On rare occasions, the opponents card would bug out and the visual would not match the correct card.
2. In Angren, I accidentally skipped Isbel's dialogue when she requests an audience. However I couldn't discuss her past.
3. In Rivia, after I successful besieged Gradobor (Invaders and their laws), I decided to keep the Nilfgaardian reforms with Gabor Zigrin in my retinue. Instead of receiving his improved card, it removed him and then improved the card (Gabor wasn't removed yet the game told me he was).
4. View screenshots for visual proof.

Thank-you very much for reading and I hope these small problems are fixed soon if not already.
Please comment any and all issues you have experienced in the comments below!
~ DarkenedChaos86
Post edited October 31, 2018 by DarkenedChaos86