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Если у вас мышь не работает нормально, у кого-то отображается "Х" на кнопках в игре, кнопки не нажимаются или нажимаются сами (правая кнопка постоянно нажимается),

то обязательно отключите USB джойстик - это решит проблему.

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Wow, my first game to actually buy from Gog and this happens.

So I installed and reinstalled it and it remains unresponsive to my mouse clicks... I can see the mouse moving but no clicks are accepted... My mouse works fine and is not failing me in anything else like web browsing or playing other games.

I had to remove my Joystick, Throttle, and Rudder Pedals from the USB ports. It was showing Console Controller X but now that's gone and the mouse works fine. Also under Mouse Properties > Pointer Options ... make sure 'Enhance pointer precision' is unchecked. Good luck!