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I bought this game earlier today, thanks to the sale.

I am not a fan of recent years card based games, so I wasn't expecting too much for my taste.

I played a couple of hours I think, I played passed the tutorial.

The good things, presentation. Graphics are good, especially the character related ones. Voice acting is very good. I thoroughly enjoyed the cutscenes and dialogue between characters. Seriously, well done.

My problem is with gameplay and the GUI.

I will start with the GUI, too many left click, no right click, no LEFT click, NOOO right click! To do what could be done with just one button.
Pop up text hardly helpful some times, with info missing.

Gameplay, the vast majority of battles so far were of the short battle variety which play like puzzle games. I hate that.
Then some missions where I was "WTF were they thinking?" For example you go to a wedding party with your army, bad guys appear, kidnap the bride right in front of every guest and the queen and the army, and gtfo without anyone stopping them. Later on you are given the option to fight to free her. Why not do something right there and now? Boggles my mind.

I won't go deep into this, just that the whole experience, other than the presentation aspects, never felt like RPG or either tactical strategy game to me. Just puzzle games.

Very meh for my taste.

Presentation awesome.

The extras are good and worth the money I paid for the game, but the game I am certain I will not install ever again.